The Belgian Boys


Sorry for my two week hiatus! I’ve been keeping busy in Utrecht and planning my trips for the rest of the semester.

My first trip planned outside of the Netherlands was Gent, Belgium.

Gent was never on my radar, until two weeks ago when I answered the phone while working at the hostel. On the other end, I heard the Belgian Boys.

The Belgian Boys is not the name of an alternative band (it should be), but actually two dudes from Gent who decided to hitchhike to Utrecht two weeks ago.

They seemed really nice, so my coworkers and I decided to show them around Utrecht and we all had a blast. Within the week, they invited us to visit them in Gent, so we booked our bus tickets within the day.

After spending 3.5 hours on a bus, our first mission was to try some Belgian beer. I’m not typically a fan of beer, but the Kasteel Rouge was amazing. The taste was a perfect blend of cherry and malt. One half of the Belgian Boys gave me the suggestion, and I’m highly considering making that my new go-to drink.

I also tried at least 10 other brands of beers, but Kasteel Rouge was my favorite.


My coworker and I drinking on the canal. 

We spent the day walking along the canals, admiring the castles, and visiting the churches. You could tell there’s so much history in Belgium, it was nothing like the cities I’ve visited in America.

We also made it a point to try Belgium waffles, fries and chocolate. The Belgian Boys took us to one of their favorite fry shops and it was amazing. I came to the conclusion that Belgium food is perfection. At least in Gent.

After filling up on an unhealthy amount of fries, we went to a bonfire party and drank even more beer.

The night was amazing, and I can’t thank the Belgian Boys enough for being our hosts. We’re so excited for you to come back to Utrecht in the next couple of weeks!


The city center of Gent, Belgium.

Apart from my trip to Belgium, I have also planned a few others:

  • Germany within the next few weeks
  • Cardiff and London in March
  • Dublin in May
  • Figeac, France for the month of June

I’m sure the list will continue to grow, and I’ll make sure to keep you all updated on my next adventure.

Until next time!