How I Decided to Study Abroad


Photo of Utrecht

A year ago, if you would have asked me if I was planning to study abroad, I would have nervously laughed at the thought and dismissed it. Studying abroad seemed like a fairy tale only available to students with an upper-class background and definitely something that was not in the books for me.

I have always considered myself the adventurous type, but more so with trying new hobbies or restaurants, not travel. In my 20 short years of life, I have left the United States twice, and both times I went to Canada. (Does that even count?!)

This summer something changed. While discussing future plans with my roommate before the fall semester started, I felt the need to leave everything behind and forge a new path in my future. We discussed the possibility of me studying abroad and I started looking into the different options right away.

My first question after deciding to study abroad was: where do I go?

I looked into the possibility of France, because I am minoring in French studies, but decided against it because of 1. the price and 2. the courses were not applicable to my communication major. After some extensive research on the schools that are affiliated with Ferris, I came across the wonderful Hogeschool Utrecht University of Applied Sciences. Hogeschool Utrecht was the first university I found that offered a ton of courses that would all count towards my major. Besides the university, Utrecht has a lot to offer. It’s about an hour from Amsterdam and offers a great night life as well as charming boutiques, cafés and restaurants. It is very historic and different from the surroundings I’m used to.

After deciding on Hogeschool Utrecht, I made an appointment with the study abroad counselor at Ferris and discovered that studying abroad in the Netherlands will be the exact same price, or a little cheaper, than studying at Ferris. Of course, I applied right away and fortunately was accepted soon after.

The rest was history.